Trip to Lewis

Soval Lodge

Photos taken while staying at Soval Lodge, Isle of Lewis.  This was a 4-day trip to Lewis with Stan Headley to investigate the potential development of the brown trout fishing on the Soval Estate.  Michael Mackenzie was our ghillie on the first 2 days, taking us out in the Argocat to reach the far-flung waters.


Donnie Whiteford came across to join us for the day, though the wee boat was a bit cramped for 3, and Donnie mostly fished the bank, on this very picturesque loch.  Pity about the rubbish dumped and cages abandoned by salmon farmers!

Eilean Liath

‘Loch of the grey island’ was the one place we fished that required no effort to get to – we parked the car beside the boat. The day was dreich, and we fished 2 short sessions – afternoon, and back for the evening. The afternoon was probably the better, and when the fish were on, sport was excellent.


Loch Trealabhal sits at the top of the Laxay River, and is therefore the estate’s main salmon and sea trout loch later in the year. It isn’t so much one loch as many interconnected lochs. The boat was housed on one of these – Loch nam Faoileag. Our day started calm for wild brownies, requiring a bit of dry fly work. When a breeze got up later, the usual stuff worked well.


Loch Langabhat is about 7 miles long, with many bays, islets and skerries.  It took half an hour in an Argocat to reach it.  It is mostly fished later in the season for salmon and sea trout.  The brownies responded well to wets, dries, lures and dap.